About Me

My name is Sabrina Lewis, I am a married mother of four and live in Harrisburg, NC. I became a doula because I have been through several difficult situations in childbirth: Pre-term labor with four separate pregnancies, C-Sections, VBACs, and delivered two babies that have passed away in my second trimester. Through my experiences, I wished that I had someone with me who could answer questions and bring me more emotional and physical comfort. When I learned what a doula was, I instantly wanted to become one. I have a passion for assisting women in having the best experience possible through an empowering and hard situation. I am a certified birth doula through the International Doula Institute and have been attending births in the Charlotte area for over five years. I witnessed my first birth fifteen years ago and have never looked back.

I am a firm believer that the mother, her support persons, medical staff, and doula are a team. It is the doula’s job to provide emotional/physical support to the mother, her partner (if she has one), and support persons, help with the physical comfort throughout the labor, while also having a working knowledge of the birth process and common practices. She uses her knowledge and experience to help the mother have a positive outlook on the process and have confidence in themselves and what they are capable of. It is also their responsibility to work in a positive manner with the medical staff, (doctor’s, midwives, and nurses) so that all have the best possible attitude and outlook for the delivery. I am knowledgeable in several birth methods including: Bradley method, HypnoBirthing, Hypnobabies and Kopa Birth. I have experience as a doula with birth centers, hospital deliveries, home births (attended by midwives), natural births, epidurals, VBACs, multiples, preterm birth, c-sections, and Bereavement Delivery.


My Services:

  • Prenatal Visits and Support (I am available throughout the pregnancy)

  • Labor and Birth Services (for any delivery method or situation)

  • Birth Photography

  • Breastfeeding Support: will stay 1-2 hours after delivery until the mother is comfortable and feeding (breast or bottle) is established

  • 1-2 Postnatal Visits

  • Placenta Encapsulation

  • Postpartum Services

  • Mental Health Support: specifically anxiety in pregnancy and labor, previous birth trauma, previous pregnancy loss

  • Bereavement Doula Services (free of charge)


Why I became a Doula?

I have always loved the birth process and the strength that we, as women, possess. As I began having my own children, I experienced a lot of trauma and trivialization of my emotions/difficulties during pregnancy and delivery. I found an amazing OB/GYN in Charlotte that was kind, listened to me, and gave me the information I needed to feel empowered. After my third child, I had two, back-to-back, second trimester losses where I had to deliver my babies. Both times, I was alone with my husband and mother when the delivery occurred in the hospital. It was in those moments of heartbreak that I decided I would do anything in my power to ensure that no woman would have to go through the same situation alone. I am committed to helping women and families have the births they’ve always dreamed of, no matter their situation.


Who would I be a great fit for?

I would be a great fit for first time mothers, anyone with a history of anxiety or mental health issues, previous birth trauma, previous loss, and anyone looking for a well-informed advocate. I have never met a stranger and treat everyone as family.


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