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Empower + Gain Confidence with Childbirth Education

Each pregnancy, labor and birth experience is beautifully unique and I am a firm believer that the educational experience, tools and techniques we use to prepare should be just as dynamic.  Finding an education style that best fits your needs will set you up for birthing success + beyond. 


Currently there are virtual group (via Zoom) classes and /or in-person private 1 to 1 childbirth classes to accommodate what feels the most supportive to the birthing person. 

Education Your Way

Research shows that people who feel better equipped with birthing knowledge prior to labor and delivery are more likely to reach the majority of their birthing goals, and less likely to experience psychological distress during or after birth. 

My ultimate goal is to support families in feeling empowered, confident and as prepared as possible for their new baby's arrival.

Spinning Babies® Parent Class                                                                  Child Birth Education 4 Class Series

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don't want a natural birth?

Childbirth classes are beneficial to everyone. Natural means different things to different people.  You don't have to want to give birth without pain medication or an epidural to benefit from this childbirth class.  


What do childbirth classes teach?

Empowerment, advocacy, and understanding of how the body functions with baby.  Information is provided in an easy to understand way that helps birthing families navigate labor and birth. Each class creates a safe space that allows room for questions and curiosity. All the topics are covered! What to pack in your birth bag, when to head to the hospital, labor stages and what to expect, self-advocacy, coping techniques and so much more! With each class, you will be given the tools to build your birthing confidence in the most fun and friendly way.

What to expect in a Childbirth Class?

Our childbirth classes consist of either a virtual group setting of 5 couples or an in-person private 1 on 1 option.  Each class is designed to facilitate learning and preparing for childbirth.

Is a childbirth class worth it?

Absolutely!  Studies prove that solid childbirth education can improve birth outcomes, reduce stress, c-sections and improve self-reported birth satisfaction, while decreasing birth trauma.  Quality childbirth education is key and a game changer!

What is a Childbirth Educator?

A Childbirth Educator is a person who has completed formal training and education on the birth; and has obtain the skills to use this knowledge to teach expectant families the information, skills and strategies to achieve a positive and empowering birth experience.

When should I take a Childbirth Class?

While there is never a time too soon or too late to take a childbirth education class, the recommended sweet spot is between 24-36 weeks of pregnancy.  

What do I wear to a Childbirth Class?

Something cozy and comfy that allows you to move freely such as yoga clothes or loungewear.  Wear what feels comfortable!​​


Where will these classes be held?

The Childbirth Education 4 Class Series is a virtual class and is held live via Zoom.  The Spinning Babies® Parent Class   are held in person at your home.  Each class type is transferrable if request are made via email at least 7 days prior to the class.

Should my partner(s) attend?

Of course!  This class series will help prepare your partner(s) to support you throughout labor and postpartum.  This childbirth class series is also perfect for those who do not have a partner and want to deepen their understanding of how to advocate for themselves during birth.

What do I bring to a Childbirth Class?

A snack + yourself!  If you would like to take notes feel free to have a pen and some paper, but tools and key summaries will always been sent after each class.

Are Childbirth Classes covered by Insurance?

Some insurances do offer reimbursement for Childbirth Education Classes. To help support this process, I can provide you with the necessary documentation required to seek reimbursement.  A good rule of thumb is to call your insurance company ahead of time to determine what type of coverage to expect and what is needed to process any reimbursement.

Do you accept FSA or HSA for Childbirth Classes?

Yes! If you have a card linked to your health savings account you would be able to enter those details the same as card payments.

Do you offer Private Childbirth Classes?

Yes!  Currently Spinning Babies is a class that is offered privately in person.  The Childbirth Education series can be offered privately by request.




Image by Tony Luginsland
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