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Birth Service Offerings

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Supported Momma

Perfected for new mommas to be + seasoned mommas alike. Feel fully supported from pregnancy through labor and after delivery

  • One free consultation (via zoom)

  • Personalized Birth Plan Design Assistance

  • Up to two prenatal visits

  • Spinning Babies®  Birth Preparation Parent Class

  • Unlimited support via phone, text, & email throughout pregnancy

  • Access to Educational and local resources

  • On-call service beginning at 37 weeks

  • Continuous support during active labor at home (if desired) and birthplace

  • 1-2 hours of immediate postpartum & breastfeeding support

  • amateur photography after birth (if desired)

  • Birth Log and notes to help outline your birth story

  • 1 postpartum visit (within first 6 weeks postpartum if desired)

  • 6 weeks of postpartum support via phone, text & email

  • And more!

Mothering the Momma

This holistic postpartum package is tailored to focus on the care of momma​ (for locals)

  • This package includes EVERYTHING in the Supported Momma Package, PLUS the following wellness additions:


A la Carte

Don't need a package? Mix + Match

Labor + Delivery ONLY

Child Birth Education +
Birth Plan Design

Perfect for moms who feel they do not need prenatal visits or questions answered throughout pregnancy.

  • One free phone consultation (via zoom)

  •  (2)  Virtual prenatal starting at 34 weeks (optional video chat)

  • 24/7 availability from the onset of labor, unlimited text, phone and email support starting at 37 weeks through birth.

  • Continuous support during active labor  at birthplace

  • 1 hour of immediate postpartum & breastfeeding support

  • amateur photography after birth (if desired)

  • 1 postpartum check-up (optional video chat).

Perfect for moms who want help with talking through the various options + procedures in the hospital or birth center setting.


  • One-on-one childbirth education Spinning Babies® Parent Class

  • Assistance in designing a birth plan that is just right for you!

  • During this session, we will go over the pros and cons of all common birth procedures. 

  • You will leave this session with the tools to effectively communicate with your healthcare provider to create the birthing environment that you desire!

  • Complete with checklists and a downloadable Birth Plan! 

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