Prenatal Visit:

Prenatal visits are an important way for us to get to know each other. It allows me to be around you and your partner and understand the goals you have for your pregnancy, delivery and baby. I love these visits because it really gives me an insight into how I can best help you through this journey. I provide two visits in my package, the first is about 30 weeks or soon after you sign the contract. This is informal, typically in your home or at a coffee shop. We can talk about any concerns or questions you may have, what to expect in the next 10 weeks and just really getting to know each other. The Second visit is around 36 weeks and we really dive deep into your birth plan and map out how you would like your birth to go.

Birthing Guidance:

There is so much information out there right now on pregnancy and childbirth. I stay up to date on best practices in the industry and evidence based birth. I do not make decisions for you but I try to give the most up to date and accurate information. My goal is to help you have a smooth pregnancy and the birth you have always dreamed of. I am not only here for the birth parent, I'm also here for their partner. I do not replace their role in the delivery room, I help them so they are the first to give you the comfort that is needed and so that they can be your advocate.

Postpartum Support:

After delivery, I stay with you until breastfeeding (or whatever feeding method you have chosen) is established. I make sure you are all cleaned up, fed and settled. I will check on you through phone and text each day of your hospital stay and have a visit with you to talk about your experience 3-10 days after delivery. It is important to process the events of the delivery and the emotions that came with it. If needed I have resources on Postpartum Depression and the signs to look out for. If needed I can provide postpartum doula care on an hourly basis. Their is a reason the postpartum period is called the fourth trimester, your body is still going through a lot of changes and I try to ease any concerns you may have.

24/7 On-Call Support:

I am available to you through phone, text or email 24/7 as soon as you sign the contract. If you need anything, just call