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Birth Service Offerings

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Supported Momma

Perfected for new mommas to be + seasoned mommas alike. Feel fully supported from pregnancy through labor and after delivery

  • One free consultation (via zoom)

  • Personalized Birth Plan Design Assistance

  • Up to two prenatal visits

  • Spinning Babies®  Birth Preparation Parent Class

  • Unlimited support via phone, text, & email throughout pregnancy

  • Access to Educational and local resources

  • On-call service beginning at 37 weeks

  • Continuous support during active labor at home (if desired) and birthplace

  • 1-2 hours of immediate postpartum & breastfeeding support

  • amateur photography after birth (if desired)

  • Birth Log and notes to help outline your birth story

  • 1 postpartum visit (within first 6 weeks postpartum if desired)

  • 6 weeks of postpartum support via phone, text & email

  • And more!

Mothering the Momma

This holistic postpartum package is tailored to focus on the care of momma​ (for locals)

  • This package includes EVERYTHING in the Supported Momma Package, PLUS the following wellness additions:


A la Carte

Don't need a package? Mix + Match

Labor + Delivery ONLY

Perfect for moms who feel they do not need prenatal visits or questions answered throughout pregnancy.

  • One free phone consultation (via zoom)

  •  (2)  Virtual prenatal starting at 34 weeks (optional video chat)

  • 24/7 availability from the onset of labor, unlimited text, phone and email support starting at 37 weeks through birth.

  • Continuous support during active labor at birthplace

  • 1 hour of immediate postpartum & breastfeeding support

  • amateur photography after birth (if desired)

  • 1 postpartum check-up (optional video chat).

Child Birth Education +
Birth Plan Design

Perfect for moms who want help with talking through the various options + procedures in the hospital or birth center setting.


  • One-on-one childbirth education Spinning Babies® Parent Class

  • Assistance in designing a birth plan that is just right for you!

  • During this session, we will go over the pros and cons of all common birth procedures. 

  • You will leave this session with the tools to effectively communicate with your healthcare provider to create the birthing environment that you desire!

  • Complete with checklists and a downloadable Birth Plan! 

Closing of the Bones Ceremony

Created to nurture the mother after giving birth,  + offering gratitude as she eases into the enormous work of motherhood.  This sacred time will be used to hold space to nurture her physically + emotionally


The Closing of the Bones is a sacred ceremony done with the intention to "close" the new mother after birth through a ritual of Gratitude.  Birth is a deep transformational journey + is a rite of passage that continues into motherhood.

The wrapping + pulling of the ancient cloth provides a sense of protection, warmth, connection + the sensation of relaxation throughout the body.  The whole body is hugged + the "closing" slowly alleviates any pelvic instability, aches + tiredness in the body.

This particular Ceremony was derived from the Moroccan Culture + is typically completed within the first 40 days after giving birth but can also be performed many years after birth with the same amazing results.  During these first 40 days it is a time for the new mother to heal, reflect, + build connection with herself and her new baby. 


This ceremony is designed to support however you would like to commemorate this moment.  

It could be very big with friends + family to celebrate or it can be a small intimate moment that's just for you. There is no wrong way to give thanks to your body for all its hard work + for celebrating this new season in your life.

There will be opportunities to check in, communion over apple mint tea, snacks and more!

Emotional Benefits

Physical Benefits

  • Sacred Space to process feelings + thoughts

  • Promotes emotional healing + strength

  • Opportunity for closure to Birth Story

  • Promotes connection with your new body to build confidence

  • Provides space to release emotions associated with birth + motherhood

  • Realigns the Bones + Muscles

  • Assists with shifting the pelvic Organs

  • Helps uterus shrink back into place

  • Stimulates blood flow

  • Adjustment of the pelvis aids in milk production

  • Guides the Bones back into place

Postpartum Planning

Postpartum Care specifically for moms!  

(7) 2.5 hour post birth sessions curated to focus on exactly what feels the most supportive to you after delivery.  

This time can be spent unpacking your birth story, belly binding, postpartum planning, prenatal/postnatal yoga and any other mommy focused wellness activities.  

A Holistic Postpartum Wellness planner is included.  Visits can be spread to cover the first 40 days home.

  • 1 virtual postpartum planning session to create your postpartum plan

  • Holistic Wellness Postpartum Planner

  • 7 live 1-1 session (1 during pregnancy)

  • Includes closing of the bones ceremony

  •  Belly binding cloth + belly binding video, 

  • Virtual Course for PP planning

  • Checklist and guides to make the most of the first 40 days.


Special Note: This package is a Mommy specific holistic postpartum option.  This package comes with a set number of sessions.  The sessions can look different each time, based on the new mothers needs.  One session may include a 45 min post baby yoga flow, sitz bath followed with belly bind.   I bring all of the holistic materials and supplies with me including herbal sitz mixtures and belly binds which will be yours to keep.

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Placenta Encapsulation

Benefits of Capsules:

Replenishing Iron from blood loss during birth

Assists with Postpartum Anemia prevention

Decreases risk of postpartum depression aka "baby blues"

Stabilizes hormones post birth

Provides consistent flow of oxytocin

Protects from infection and or bleeding due to retained placenta tissue or membranes

Supports the HPL hormone to help support early + healthy milk supply

Replenishes B vitamins and energy that were used during the labor and birthing process

Offers a natural pain relief


***Please note that placenta capsules are a nutrient-rich supplement, and while it provides amazing nutrients back to the body after birth, there is no guarantee that they will prevent postpartum depression or increase milk supply.  Placenta remedies are one of the best things a birthing person can give back to their body post-birth, however, they can not be used to reverse present or predisposed issues.*

starting at $350

Meditation is an amazing way to connect with self, relax in the body and calm the nervous system.  4 pre-recorded downloadable meditations under 15 min each.

Meditation Series

 Add-on to any Birthing Package


Postpartum Support

2024 guess date calendar is closed at this time

No matter where you may be in your birthing journey; early days of pregnancy or the last few weeks before welcoming your little one home, planning for postpartum support is essential in your recovery.

As a postpartum doula, I am here to support you during your 4th trimester.  Whether that is for the first few days home after the baby arrives or to add a little more support in those initial weeks of parenthood.  I am here to assist during the day or night to help your family transition into a life with an infant.

My ultimate goal for postpartum support is to create an environment where parents can ease into parenthood with confidence.

Similar to birth, I do not believe that there is a one-size-fits-all when it comes to postpartum care. Once you have selected the number of hours that you feel will be the most supportive to you, we will schedule a  postpartum prenatal to create a schedule for your postpartum period + discuss more of what that time will look like.

Postpartum Services include, but are not limited to: 

  • Help with self-care recovery

  • Help with postpartum comfort measures (ie: preparing sitz baths, foot soaks, etc.)

  • Providing parenting information

  • Providing physical and emotional support (listening to your birth story, your fears, frustrations, concerns, observing your postpartum recovery, etc.)

  • Providing baby care education and support (assist in bathing, feeding, comforting the baby, cutting baby's nails, organizing the nursery, etc.)

  • Breast/chestfeeding support

  • Sleep training support

  • Sibling care

  • Very light housekeeping as it pertains to baby (ie: light laundry and folding, tidying up, bottle cleaning)

  • Referrals to other professionals as needed

  • Telephone, text, and email support.

Confidence Standard


50 Hours | $40/hour

For families who may need a few days of solid daytime or evening support.

(Ideal for the first 2 weeks home)

Extended Care

200 Hours | $36/hour

Add a little more security to your postpartum plans.  Ideal for first-time parents and second-timers who need 3-5 days of solid support.

(Ideal for the first 6 weeks home)

Total Reassurance

100 Hours | $38/hour

For first-time parents or parents of multiples who need 2-4 consistent daytime support.

(Ideal for the first 30 days home)

4th Trimester Secured

500 Hours | $35/hour

Cover your entire 4th trimester!  You create the schedule that feels the most supportive to you during this amazing time in your life of newness.

(Ideal for the first 16 weeks home)

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