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Covid Addendum:

In mid June, Novant executives and local OBGYN/Midwives met and discussed ways in which they could safely get doulas back into the hospital to support mutual clients amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. They needed a way to have doulas bypass visitor restrictions, while still providing a level of care that ALL were comfortable with. What they came up with, while not ideal, is a way to make all parties satisfied! Long story short, they came up with a way to get us back in to support you!

After a rather lengthy list of requirements being met, I am so happy to announce that I am APPROVED to be with you in the birth space, at any Novant area hospital!


What This Actually Means for You


When the COVID-19 pandemic started and all area hospitals restricted visitation, your doula OR birthing partner were allowed in the room to support you, not both. Now that I am approved to attend births at Novant hospitals, I will NO LONGER be considered a visitor.


Simplified, this means that should Novant reinstate any visitor restrictions, I will not be counted as a visitor.


Atrium is now allowing a labor support person in addition to the Birthing Parents Partner. They are not requiring a Vendor Program or proof of certification. I am now attending births at all area Charlotte Hospitals.

My main goal and focus is to keep you, your partner +myself safe.  As things continue to change and we learn more about Covid-19 it is important that I communicate to you how I will be serving you in this pandemic.  Should you, your partner or anyone in your household test Positive for Covid-19/Covid., all in-person prenatal visits will automatically become virtual meetings.  This is non-negotiable.  

In the event that hospital policy has been updated to reflect only one person of support during labor, you are given a choice of who you would like to labor with you. You should also keep in mind that in these instances, immediate postpartum support may also be limited.  In these situations should you choose your partner, I will continue to support you both from the waiting room.  We may need to get creative with using facetime, phone or text, but I will be there supporting you in the same manner as I would if in actual labor with you. 

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