After watching my sister's first delivery and seeing how difficult it was and how unhelpful her nurse was, I knew I wanted a doula for my first baby. I am so happy I met Sabrina and decided to have her as my Doula. I truly feel that I could not have gone through my labor process without her. She is an exceptional doula and human being. Having her at the hospital made me feel at peace. She went above and beyond to make me comfortable and explained everything in detail so that I was able to make educated decisions about my labor. 

To be honest, giving birth has always been one of my biggest fears. I was scared about getting induced, getting my epidural, and actually pushing the baby out and potentially tearing. Sabrina calmed all of my fears. Anytime I had an ache or pain, Sabrina knew exactly what to do! During the Pitocin, she fully explained the process for me and helped me with breathing techniques during my contractions. During the epidural, she had me focus on her voice to help distract from the actual epidural. Then when it came time to push my sweet girl out, Sabrina coached me through the pushing process. She was able to help me adjust the way I was pushing so each push was effective and I didn’t waste my energy. These are only a few examples of the amazing service she provided.

I really appreciate that Sabrina individualizes her care for each person. I feel like she catered to my specific needs and knew what was important to me. If you are thinking about using a doula, I highly recommend Sabrina. You will not be disappointed!!

Chantelle Richardson

Sabrina gave the best service i could ever ask for. She made me feel relaxed and was sensitive to my situation as a surrogate. She amazed me with her knowledge, skills and passion. I would recommend her service. You will not be sorry! Thank you Sabrina for all you did for me.

Andrea DeJarnett

Where to start? Sabrina is absolutely amazing! she followed me through my entire pregnancy (with twins, and high risk), which was definitely not easy. she coached me through several false alarms, and was my saving Grace through what seemed to be the longest and roughest pregnancy ever! she was graceful, knowledgeable, so sweet, and far beyond caring! I can't thank her enough for everything she did for my husband and I, and I wouldn't recommend anybody else! she's perfect!

Angel Alred

Sabrina was ahhhhmaaayyyyyzinggg. She was with me for my vbac, which was a success because of her! She did things behind the scenes that I didn’t even know about until later. She kept me calm, always told me what a great job I was doing. She helped me make the tough decisions knowing what I would do if my mind was completely clear and thoughts weren’t getting interrupted by contractions. She spent her anniversary dinner with me instead of her husband, that sweet soul. And Sabrina has a way of making everyone around her feel completely relaxed and never judged by her. She was perfect for me and my birthing experience. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ five stars all the way!

Bree Trevort


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