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Closing of the Bones Ceremony

Created to nurture the mother after giving birth,  + offering gratitude as she eases into the enormous work of motherhood.  This sacred time will be used to hold space to nurture her physically + emotionally


The Closing of the Bones is a sacred ceremony done with the intention to "close" the new mother after birth through a ritual of Gratitude.  Birth is a deep transformational journey + is a rite of passage that continues into motherhood.

The wrapping + pulling of the ancient cloth provides a sense of protection, warmth, connection + the sensation of relaxation throughout the body.  The whole body is hugged + the "closing" slowly alleviates any pelvic instability, aches + tiredness in the body.

This particular Ceremony was derived from the Moroccan Culture + is typically completed within the first 40 days after giving birth but can also be performed many years after birth with the same amazing results.  During these first 40 days it is a time for the new mother to heal, reflect, + build connection with herself and her new baby. 


This ceremony is designed to support however you would like to commemorate this moment.  

It could be very big with friends + family to celebrate or it can be a small intimate moment that's just for you. There is no wrong way to give thanks to your body for all its hard work + for celebrating this new season in your life.

There will be opportunities to check in, communion over apple mint tea, snacks and more!

Emotional Benefits

  • Sacred Space to process feelings + thoughts

  • Promotes emotional healing + strength

  • Opportunity for closure to Birth Story

  • Promotes connection with your new body to build confidence

  • Provides space to release emotions associated with birth + motherhood

Physical Benefits

  • Realigns the Bones + Muscles

  • Assists with shifting the pelvic Organs

  • Helps uterus shrink back into place

  • Stimulates blood flow

  • Adjustment of the pelvis aids in milk production

  • Guides the Bones back into place

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