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Childbirth Education

An empowering down to earth fast-paced, no-nonsense Virtual Childbirth Education 4 class series.  Perfectly curated to prepare you and your partner for childbirth. No matter where you plan to birth your little one, whether in a hospital, birth center, or at home childbirth education will empower you to advocate for what is best for you and your baby.


Each class is 2.5 hours long and will be facilitated live online via Zoom.  Recordings are available to replay for 7 days after the class.

Upcoming Series SUNDAYS:

July 7th- July 28th 3p-6p

Aug 4th- Aug 25nd 3p-6p

Sept 8th- Sept 29th 3p-6p

2024 fall schedule will be released in July based on interest

All class times are Eastern Standard.

Your complete registration will provide you with a Zoom login, class materials and access to the QCity Doula private Facebook group where you will receive personalized support, community of other parents just like you and continued education even after the class has ended.  - Early bird class fee $325 until 1 week before the series begins. Class fee after is $350 USD. All class fees are non-refundable but fully transferable with prior notice and agreement.

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Class 1

Overcoming childbirth fears. Learn the physiology of pregnancy, anatomy, how to choose a provider, pain management, birthing partner tips, prenatal exercises and nutrition, breathing and deep relaxation techniques. Respectful Maternal Care Framework: Awareness, Mutual Respect,  Shared Decision Making and Informed Consent: Autonomy: Dignity: Accountability.


Class 2

A peaceful labor. Understand the stages and phases of labor, roles of hormones and how you can work along with your body to facilitate and manage labor. Timing contractions, when to leave for the birth location, preparing your birth environment and birth team.


Class 3

Activated Birth. Labor preferences, building a birth plan, routine intervention, variations and complications of labor, delayed cord clamping and Golden Hour. Birthing positions and benefits.  Prepare for any unexpected scenarios.


Class 4

A Prepared Postpartum.  Comfort measures, labor positions, labor rehearsal, preparing a postpartum plan.  Setting yourself up for success with a newborn specialists and lactation consultants.  Learn about self care practices that help the new mother heal from birth.

What You'll Get With This Class Series:

  • Continual access to me throughout your pregnancy to ask questions and get individualized attention

  • Info about due dates + guess dates

  • Understanding each stage of labor

  • Labor Positions

  • Birth Plan Education

  • Guides such as What to Pack 

  • Coping techniques, breathing + relaxation

  • How Your Partner Can Help

  • How to avoid unnecessary interventions

  • Oral Fluid and Food Intake During Labor

  • Hospital procedures + options

  • How to create a birth plan

  • Quick Guide to Epidurals

  • Water Breaking

  • Fetal Monitoring

  • How to find a VBAC friendly provider

  • Access to advice on intentional body movement to improve outcomes

  • Methods to stay healthy + "low-risk"

  • Planning for postpartum

  • And so much more!

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Frequently Asked

What if I don't want a natural birth?

This class is for everyone. Natural means different things to different people.  You don't have to want to give birth without pain medication or an epidural to benefit from this childbirth class.  


Your birth is completely yours.  With this class, you will be empowered + educated to fully advocate for yourself.


Where will these classes be held?

Each class is held live online via Zoom- so join from the comfort of your own home.  All classes are in Eastern Standard Time. 


If you are not able to attend live, each class will be recorded and available for 7 days after the class is recorded.


How long are these classes?

Each childbirth series is a total of 4 classes.  We will meet via Zoom virtually for four consecutive weeks.  Each class is about 2.5 hours. 


These classes are fun and fast paced.  We cover so much information that you will need to know.  Please bring your questions, snacks and all the things!


Should my partner(s) attend?

Of course!  This class series will help prepare your partner(s) to support you throughout labor and postpartum.  This childbirth class series is also perfect for those who do not have a partner and want to deepen their understanding of how to advocate for themselves during birth.

What do we get with these classes?

Each week you will get an email from me loaded with the information you will need to prepare for your labor and birth.  There will also be a series of supplementary, evidentiary handouts as a companion to the virtual classes.  You will get a list of my favorite things : a book list, items to pack for your birth, building a birth plan, and tips on how to set yourself up for birthing success.  You will be granted access to my private Facebook group where you can ask me questions even after your class has ended.  Each class will be recorded and you will be given access to the replay.


The class recordings are only available for 7 days after the class.


Upcoming Series SUNDAYS:

July 7th- July 28th 3p-6p

Aug 4th- Aug 25nd 3p-6p

Sept 8th- Sept 29th 3p-6p

2024 fall schedule will be released in July based on interest

All class times are Eastern Standard.

So EXCITED that you have decided to join us.  Please be sure to fill in the information below and click “Submit

Once you click “submit”, you should be routed to pay your deposit.

A deposit of $75 will hold your spot in class and hold the early bird pricing.  You are not registered until a deposit is received.  After you have paid your deposit or full fee, please look out for an email from us ( the email will arrive within 48 hours.  If the response is delayed it is because I'm at a birth.  

All deposits and fees are non-refundable.


The initial email will contain some extremely valuable tips as you begin to build a healthy foundation for your pregnancy + labor to help you remain healthy and low-risk.  Start Today.

If you choose to pay a deposit, the full class fee is due 7 days prior to the start of class.


Please add our email address to your contacts so our email doesn't end up in your spam or junk folder- you don't want to miss a single email:

See you soon!!!

Only about 4% of babies decide to arrive on their guess date.  I only ask so that we can be sure that you are in the best class for you.  Enter todays date if you are not currently pregnant.

Partner Details:

This can be anyone you choose (ie, boyfriend, wife, husband, girlfriend, gramma, brother, aunt, sister, mother-in-law, bff, etc; just not a paid professional. Your birth partner for class CANNOT be anyone that you have hired to service any aspects of your health care, pregnancy, labor, birth, postpartum period, or any other providers. An example of someone who does not count as a birth partner and cannot attend class with you is any practitioner, provider, birthworker, birth doula, midwife, chiropractor, etc. This series is specifically created for expecting parents.. Breaking this agreement can cause you to forfeit your spot in class and an issued bill for $295 for the unauthorized occupied seat.  You are permitted to bring ONE birthing partner to class with you and they will also have access to the private Facebook group and the recorded classes.  If you have multiple partners, we can only register one.  By moving forward you agree that your class fee covers you and 1 birth partner's attendance and access to class materials.

I recommend starting class before your 34th week of pregnancy, but please join us as soon as you're able. Message us if you feel you might be too late. We might have options for you. All class times are Eastern Standard Time.

By checking this box, you understand that these classes are live via Zoom in Eastern Standard Time and that the fees are non-refundable. We offer limited access to recordings of the class if you do not attend live. The entire fee is transferrable with notice at least 7 days prior to the start of class. You also understand that in the very very rare event that the teacher is unable to teach class live, a recording will be provided and class will be rescheduled. To date, this has only happened once. :)

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