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My Daughter Caylee's Birth: March 18, 2010

Updated: Jan 20, 2019

The first thing I did when I found out I was pregnant, was to switch to a high risk OB/GYN, whom I felt comfortable with. I began Progesterone shots at 16 weeks to help my body go to full term. All with this pregnancy was going great, until 30 weeks, when contractions began again. I was admitted to the hospital twice before I actually went into labor and kept overnight and given the awful medication to stop contractions. At my second admittance they also gave me steroid shots to help develop the baby lungs. At 34 weeks and 1 day, I was admitted to the hospital and had begun dilating, unfortunately my daughter was breached. They checked me after an hour and I was at a 3 and fully effaced, the nurses decided to call the doctor. When the doctor on call arrived 30 minutes later, I was at a 6 and she said to prep the OR I was having a C-section.

My Mother was the only one with me at this time, because like last time, my husband didn’t know if it was really happening and he was taking care of our Son. My Mom called him at 1am and said to get there right away. They began the surgery without him, they gave me a spinal block and my Mom was with me holding my hand. My husband arrived 30 seconds before my daughter was delivered, they allowed him into the operating room, because we were the only patients there.

My daughter was born breathing on her own and like before was whisked off to the NICU. She did not need any interventions her whole stay, but they did not let her come home for 5 days. After I came out of recovery they were kind enough to roll me into the NICU so that I could at least see her, I did not get to hold my daughter for 5 hours, it was heartbreaking. All of the hospital staff was very understanding and kind to my family, they even let me sleep in the NICU once I was discharged, so I never left the hospital without my daughter.

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