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My Son Dean's Birth: May 16, 2012

Updated: Jan 20, 2019

This Pregnancy was going just like the previous two, I began the progesterone shots at 16 weeks and was feeling great. My contractions began full at 27 weeks this time, they were also stronger than before. I felt like I was always in labor. It was a very hard time for me emotionally, plus I had two other children that I needed to care for, my Husband was a saint during this time.

By this time, a test had been developed that could tell if you would deliver within two weeks on the test. My Doctor began these tests at 27 weeks, which brought some comfort, that we knew I was not in immediate danger of delivering, but we just needed to manage my pain and comfort. Once I tested positive at 34 weeks, I was admitted to get the steroid shots like before. My doctor joked with me that I had some of the worst pregnancies that he had seen, but I was one of his nicest patients. That was nice to hear, we laughed a lot and I felt like they really cared for me and my family.

I was planning on trying a V-Bac, I really wanted to try having a natural birth. I had trained and studied the KOPA birth method and the medical staff was on board. My water Broke at 5am at 36 weeks. I showered to clean up and my husband and I had a good laugh, because I had to put my two year old’s diaper on because I was leaking so much amniotic fluid. I kept waiting for the contractions to start in full, but there was nothing, I was frustrated because I had been in pain for 8 weeks and was ready for this and then nothing. I had tested positive for Strep-B so I had to be on IV antibiotics, when I was checked I was dilated to a 4 and fully effaced, but this was at 8 am and still no contractions. My doctor had me sign the consent for a C-section, just in case. We decided that Pitocin should be started to help me out, but I still did not want an epidural.

In the past I had dilated quickly, so I knew I could handle it, but a little Pitocin still did nothing. At 11am they gave me a very high dose of Pitocin and the contractions came on strong. I labored hard for 5.5 hours, when they checked me again I was still at a 4. I was defeated and exhausted and mew that if I did not have an epidural I would not have the strength to push when it came time. I thought about it for a half hour, wanted to make sure that this was a rational decision.

I got the epidural and was laying on my left side for 30 minutes when I asked my husband to roll me over. A minute later, my blood pressure crashed and I almost passed out. I looked at my Mom and Husband and said, “I know something is wrong”. They called the nurse and my Son’s heart rate dropped to 50bpm. The Nurse was asking for more hands, but no one was answering her call, the anesthesiologist was with another patient and told the nurse to leave him alone at the minute. Finally, my Mother seeing the look on the nurses face, ran into the hallway to the nurses station and said we need help now.

3 nurses came in and they immediately called the on call doctor when my BP did not go up or my Son’s BPM. He arrived and checked me and I was STILL at a 4, he heard the explanation of the nurse and looked at me concerned. He said we are having an emergency situation and we need to get the baby out in 10 minutes, looked at the nurses and said prep for surgery now. The rest was a bit of a blur, I was in a panic and was praying a lot with my family. Because of the situation, they were concerned the baby might not make it and my husband was not allowed in the operating room. I had a kind PA holding my hand calming me down until my Son was delivered. HE cane out and cried loudly and they nurse said, “Oh my gosh” that is a strong True Knot, he would not have survived delivery”. I felt we had some divine intervention with us that day. My husband was allowed in the room and now that they baby was out, all was well. Because he was 36 weeks, he did not have to be taken to the NICU, he was in a heating space next to me while I was in recovery and I was able to hold him skin to skin 40 minutes after we were out of surgery. After that everything was perfect.

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