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What About My Birth Partner?

When I am on the phone with a potential client, I am often asked how I will work with the birthing persons partner/support person. It is a very reasonable question and one that I love to answer because I consider the birth partner to be such a vital role. I am not only there for my Client who is giving birth, but for their partner as well.

As a Partner, you have a love and understanding that I will never have with the person giving birth. There is an intimacy there that cannot be taken away by any one. There is a spectrum of involvement that partners are comfortable with. Some want to be apart of every second, do all the physical support and dirty stuff or not, others want to stay by the head of the bed and just say encouraging things. I meet you wherever you need me to. It is important to have your birth partner at the consultation and prenatal appointments with your Doula so that I can get to know you both. That is how we create a unified team for the birth, having the relationship.

One Father recently said this about the July birth of his daughter: "Sabrina was my wife's Doula, and it was a game changer. She helped me understand what I can do to help my wife through delivery and I was able to rely on her knowledge as to what was normal, and what to be concerned about. Sabrina best equipped both my wife and myself to welcome our first child into the world. Best decision you'll ever make."

I bring the knowledge of the birth process, the partner brings the love for the client, together we make an unstoppable team.

This image is a great explanation of the difference between Doula and partner. I always encourage the partners of clients to eat regularly and rest when there is time, but the client is never left on their own. That is the great thing about a team, everyone is cared for, supported and has a positive emotional experience.

"Sabrina was my wife's doula, and she made such a huge difference. She was there to help guide me and lend an extra hand massaging and putting pressure on my wife's back. I'm grateful she was there, and definitely recommend her to other couples who are looking for some extra support during labor."

Do you have any questions about how your partner working well with a doula?

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