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4 Days of Gratitude Meditation Series

An open invitation to take a mental reset and reconnect with self through Intentionally led Guided Meditation. 😍

So What's next?

In this eBook you will find 4 mediations that will guide you through the 4 Pillars of Gratitude: The Present, The Body,  Gratitude for Others and  Finding Gratitude for Self.

Each guided meditation is downloadable and under 15 min. This gives you the flexibility to use them at any time! It is my hope to provide you with tools you can use whenever you need to feel more grounded or centered.

Over the next 4 days or however you choose to use your meditations, we will be calling in more peace + calm by tapping deeply into gratitude.


What will I receive?

4 pre-recorded downloadable meditations under 15 min each and 4 day eBook guidance 

4 Days of Gratitude Meditation Series

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